Thursday, August 12, 2010


I don't remember my locker combination being a big deal. It has caused major anxiety in my kids. Oldest and son not as much. Seth just refused to use his locker. And youngest has been having sleepless nights. Hubby took her to school today to practice. Piece of cake. Now she can sleep and so can I. I will take her again before school starts.

I'm actually almost caught up at work. I have a small list of financials that need to go out but... I'm waiting on information from my clients. I'm more in a hurry to issue their financials than they are to receive them.

I'm off until Tuesday. Tomorrow is hair cuts with the girls. Grocery shopping at some point. Son's girlfriend is coming for dinner Saturday. She misses my cooking and eating as a family. I really, REALLY like her. Sunday is my family picnic at my parents house. And hopefully Monday will be beach weather.

And in 8 days I'll be headed to the WHC. I'm a little excited - can you tell.

And I'm not sure what bio has told the kids but obviously they are not going to see her for the month of August. Lying sack of poo! How do you do that to your kids? Thank the Goddess she's there and they are here - loved and safe.


Martha said...

Have a Great time at WHC!
I stressed about having a locker for the first time, still remember after all this time...

michael said...

My tip to you is put your locker combination on your cell phone. Add it to your address book but don't put the name "locker" on it.
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