Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ready to Go

The bags are packed. The car is packed. I just need to make our lunch in the morning pack up the toiletries and we are off to the women's herbal conference.

Hubby had a meeting tonight. He was worried I might be asleep when he gets home. I am far to excited. This makes my fifth WHC. It will be oldest's 4th and youngests 1st.

The energy there is unbelievable. The high (and I'm not talking chemically induced) from the event lasts for days if not weeks.

And I'm finally caught up at work. I never recovered after April vacation before taking July. I finally have my new client on maintenance mode instead of set up. Whew! Big sigh of relief. And with four months left in the year I'm looking at how I'm going to use my PTO (paid time off) that I've saved all year.

And hubby mentioned taking just me to the Cape. He arranged for the kids and Sammy to spend the week end at Grandma's. So I need to book the hotel. We'll be going in October when the tourists are gone.

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