Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time a way

We spent three days at the Cape. Lots of food and family time. The first morning I had to tell oldest that the phone goes off. I didn't invite boyfriend on the trip because it is a family trip. I'm not one of those modern mom's who has no problem with texting non stop and talking on the phone while you are supposed to be with us. He'll have to wait. The rest of the trip went really well.

So, we get back and boyfriend breaks up with her. He's stressed and not sure how he can date and go to school. Maybe not need to spend 24/7 with oldest for starters.

Today they talked and are back together. Gee, and I was getting excited that I didn't have to go to the bonfire/picnic and meet his family. Son's response was, "that's bad news." I didn't say anything about the break up or getting back together other than it is her decision.

On another note I'm watching our dog Sammy really close. Sammy stayed at Grandma's while we were away and ate something she shouldn't have. She didn't want to eat this morning and could barely stand. Tonight she drank, ate and is walking a little. Son carried her down the stairs to do her business. She's improving slowly. Poor thing. She's 15 and this took a lot out of her.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Oh, poor Sammy :( Loving verve is on the way to that sweet ol' dog. And - welcome home!