Saturday, August 7, 2010

some things you just don't do

If you get separated from your spouse do NOT continue to live in the same house. My hubby goes on more domestic calls that involve separated spouses still living together.

Enter my cousin - sweet dumb sap. He deals with depression and alcoholism. He has been unemployed for the past year and the drinking has escalated. His wife of 24 years can't take it anymore and has filed for divorce. Cousin is drinking to the point of blacking out and he is extremely paranoid.

First his son had to call the cops because he started to get physical. Arrest one.

Then wife had to call for the same reason. Arrest two.

Restraining order put in place. He returns home four days later (on his birthday) drunk and tries to get in. He breaks a window in the process. Now it as arrest number three and moves into the felony stage (violating a protective order and burglary 3rd degree). He spent almost a week in the hospital before moving him to the jail. Bond is set high enough so that no one will bail him out. And right now he's getting sober so we agree this may be the best place at the moment. His lawyer is trying to get him into a rehab facility that will count for jail time. That is really what he needs.

The good news. His parents who haven't talked to him in five years (another long story) finally reached out. They talked to the wife and the lawyer and are planning a trip up as soon as he can have visitors. Yeah!!!! I can't tell you how much of a tole this strained relationship has put on his psyche.

**** On another note - Sammy is completely back to herself. She perked last night when my Dad came. He always brings fireballs for the kids and dog biscuits for Sammy. She hopped right up and ran to my Dad. This morning the dog tags were once again jangling and she ate, drank and went outside with no help on the stairs. ;o)

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Walk in the Woods said...

I'm glad to hear that Sammy is improving!

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