Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Son, boyfriend and.....

My son doesn't like boyfriend - not even a little bit and he doesn't try and hide it. Boyfriend wants to cook for us one night. I said to just let me know what ingredients he needs. Son is worried he will try and poison him (hide the drain cleaner has been his mantra).

I don't care for boyfriend but he is not a bad kid and I don't fear for our safety.

Oldest was back to job hunting today. She hasn't been having any luck yet. Just keep looking.

Two weeks until school starts.

Two days until the women's herbal conference. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Hubby actually took the week end off from work to spend time with son all on his own. They have plans to hit the army navy store and Hooters. Hubby plans to take him to the Springfield Armory and the Smith & Wesson Museum. And Saturday a group of state police are having a paintball war that they are invited to.

And even though school supplies are ready and new clothes have been bought I'm not in a rush to send them back yet. We've been busy having fun.

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