Monday, August 16, 2010


Since we went to the Cape and told oldest to step away from the phone boyfriend has not hung out here. He broke up with oldest when we got back and said he was stressed about handling school and her. He hasn't started classes yet. I'm not buying the whole story. I think the parent pleaser sensed (finally) that he wasn't pleasing the parents. Hey, if I wanted you on my vacation I would have invited you.

Boyfriend unfriended me on facebook. I'm heartbroken. No more instant messages as 5 AM. I'm a morning person - a solitary enjoy the quiet wee hours morning person. I don't feel the need to converse with any one at that hour least of all my daughter's boyfriend.

So when she asked if she could hang out with him Monday, Wednesday and Friday I said, "sure he can come for dinner." I'm learning - answer the question you want to hear and not the one that is actually asked. My hubby and kids are great for that. Which means they are not really listening to you in the first place. I, on the other hand was listening and altering the situation - evil manipulator that I am. So, tonight boyfriend is coming for dinner.

Yahoo! Do I really want to spend time with him - NOT!!! I do it because she needs to spend some time with her family. And since I just saw the videos of his family BBQ I'm not sure his parents are what I would call adult supervision.

One video was of boyfriend, boyfriends dad and BillXP jumping over the bonfire. I'm not talking a small campfire either. Now, I'm not a total party pooper - an 18 y/o not realizing this is unsafe is one thing but dad joining in. First thought - was he drunk? Next thought - is he just stupid. Third thought - thank the goddess I didn't let my daughter go to Canada with this family. This went along with the can I stuff my buddy into the trunk of my car video.

Any thoughts my blog friends.

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Martha said...

I think you are a wise woman and mother who cares for her children and wants to minimize the exposure to BF.