Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Fever

I switched my clothes over for the season during a snow storm.  My winter clothes were packed up and summer clothes unpacked.  My mid season clothes stay year round.  In New England it is often mid season.  I pulled everything out of the closet.  I sorted - ripped and stained in one pile, doesn't fit/will never wear in another pile and then I hung items back in the closet.  I then went through the tote of summer clothes.  A small pile of unusable clothes and a big pile of donatable clothes were packaged to go out. Clothes that haven't zipped in a while now zip.  I was a little excited.  Hubby just said Oh.  I then asked if there was a woman I could talk to.  Just like the silly soup commercial.  He feigned excitement after that. I then helped youngest go through her clothes.  A large pile of out grown clothes were bagged up for donation.  This left her with very little underwear and no shorts. 

I took youngest shopping yesterday morning - sales and coupons.  She now has plenty of underwear and a couple pairs of shorts.  We stopped and picked up some new pots for my house plants.  Too cold to garden outside I gardened inside repotting plants.  Ahhh!

Now, knee deep or pages deep in the middle of three books.  I set aside Autobiography of a Yogi for a little fluff.  Half way through that I set it down to dive into some herb reading before class.  now that I have the syllabus I can be more focused.  I'm now reading Margi Flint's Practicing Herbalist.  I love it!  It is so fun to read even though it is so practical and business oriented in the beginning. I'll get back to the other books in due time.  Our first teacher is Guido Mase.  He doesn't seem to have a book out but he does have a blog I've bookmarked and started reading. 

I spent the afternoon in a dream group lead by Susan Morgan.  It is amazing work.  Working with your dreams is essential and feedback from these powerful women..... beyond words.  My world is changing bit by bit and I'm loving it.

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