Thursday, April 19, 2012

Burr Pond

It was a bit nippy in the AM compared to the last few days.  I'm not complaining it was still sunny and beautiful.  I picked up a book on 50 hikes to take in CT.  I decided an easy hike might be in store.  Son gets anxious about being late for work so we headed to Burr Pond State Park and walked the pond trail - three miles around the lake.  It was beautiful.  A boy scout for his Eagle project had posted signs along the way giving information on the different trees in the area.  We stopped to read those.  With hubby not there the hike was less of a race.  I pointed out different plants, we stopped to watch the woodpecker, son noticed the birds in the underbrush, we joked around and took pictures of the kids holding up the giant rock a glacier dropped years ago. 

We lounged in the afternoon. I headed to the gym.  Son headed to work.  Youngest played on her laptop.  I made buffalo chicken subs for dinner and even treated the kids to potato chips as a side.  Youngest and I watched dancing with the stars.  She has a "crush" on William Levy.  Maks or Tristan are more my type. That Irish brogue....

Today I'm off to the spa with youngest.  My diva tomboy wanted to spend the day there for her birthday.  I hope she enjoys it.  I know I will.

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