Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday for Youngest

Oldest son called to wish youngest a happy birthday at 7AM.  It was 4 AM at his place.  The baby was teething and he was awake.  I had him call back when his sister was awake.  Oldest called to wish her a happy birthday.  Then she called back when youngest was home.  Yeah!   Youngest finally got to talk to her sister and find out where everyone was living this week and this was a good thing - it was really bothering her.

Oldest had moved to grandma's about two months ago now because she was tired of picking up after her step brother.  Bio went with her.  And then bio decided to move back and get things in order to leave properly.  She is now looking for a job.  That way she can support herself when she moves.  And if she plans the move than she can take all her stuff with her.  Oldest didn't go back because step daddy threw her out.

Now, this is all oldest's version of the story (two parts woven together from what she told hubby and what she told her sister). 

What a great teaching opportunity.  I explained to youngest that when people have a fight, disagreement what have you that their are two sides to the story.  I said I'm sure oldest is telling the truth (her version anyway) but I'm sure LHNB has a version of the story as well.  And somewhere in the middle lies what really happened. 

Hubby was a little bent at first.  He was also a little proud that oldest stood up for herself.  And then I said let's play devil's advocate.  Oldest is not a pleasure to live with.  She moved out there.  Bio and her do not work.  He has been supporting both of them and he has been paying for her college classes.  Now, I'm not saying he's perfect by any stretch of the imagination but....  look at things from his perspective.  Hmm, you've got a point Kim. This conversation took place when youngest had headed off to blow her birthday money at Amazon.

So youngest's day started with pancakes.  They are her favorite and I surprised her.  It really is a labor of love because I don't like eating them and I hate cooking them.  She then came shopping with me and a friend for baby shower gifts and what have you.  Actually we shopped and she headed to the book store.  She had Ben & Jerry's for lunch.   For supper she got to pick the meal and we had lasagna, garlic bread and salad (me and hubby had salad) and for dessert a German Chocolate cake.  OMG was it good.

Bio sent her two cards.  The second one because she hadn't sent a gift in the first.  $20.00 cash.  Then gifts from grandparents and finally on Thursday she will get her day at the spa from us.  She took all her birthday money and bought books.  It took her less than 30 minutes to fill the shopping cart at Amazon.  I told her the thank you cards must be written before she is allowed to open the box when it arrives.

And as a side note - when I talked to oldest son he said all the clothes fit grand baby and that he loved the pirate book.  Yeah!!!  That means they are reading it to him.  Yeah!!!!

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