Sunday, April 15, 2012


This week is spring break.  The kids are on vacation, hubby's on vacation and so am I.  Hubby is leaving Tuesday for the FDIC (Fire Department Instructor's Conference) in Indianapolis.  He'll be back Saturday.  Monday we are going hiking together and the rest of the week is up in the air.  I don't function very well when things are up in the air.

In between events are son's work schedule, a dentist appointment, fire department meetings and a baby shower.  I have one museum visit planned at the Higgins Armory Museum.  Son has a few air soft games planned.  And my diva tomboy and I are spending Thursday at the spa for her birthday present.  The kid's have gave me a list of dinners they'd like.  Food their Dad is not really keen on.  So, we're having buffalo chicken subs one night and gravy cheese fries another.  They also want pizza.  And I thought one night we would go to the Irish pub for dinner.  The trailer hitch is installed and once I pick up the bike rack we can hit the trails.

When I put it on paper it doesn't seem so up in the air.  Good!

And I started the week of vacation by firming up plans for my next trip.  I have been trying to coordinate a date to visit my girlfriend in upstate NY for months and months.  We finally nailed down a date that works for both of us and Hubby's work schedule.  I asked hubby about it and he said, "go - have a good time.  Don't worry about me and the kids."  Yeah!  So far all of our planning has been via phone tag.  This is pretty normal.  We have planned entire trips together before without talking until I arrived.  GF and I are on totally different work schedules and time frames. 

So, vacation this week.  Three weeks until advanced herbal classes start. Five weeks until my week end in NY.  Oh baby, life is good!!!!!!

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