Monday, April 23, 2012

Vacation's Last Days

After hiking and biking the first three days of vacation youngest and I spent the day at the spa for her birthday present.  Massage, pedicures, facials, paraffin hand treatments and lunch.  Her toenails are now painted Vampsterdam and mine A roll in the Hague from the Holland Collection of OPI.  I just love the names.  Or you could call them so deep a purple it looks black and orange.  The beautiful woman doing my facial asked what I used for products on my skin - I told her I make everything myself.  Oh!  After examining my skin she told me to keep doing what I'm doing; that I have great skin.

While we were being pampered son was in a car accident.  A girl pulled out in front of him.  His car which was trying to hang on until we found a new one was totaled.  He has a scratch on his knee.  He was worried he would be in trouble.  I think he was greatly relieved when all I cared about was him.  So now we are back to driving him back and forth to work. :(  We keep looking for something in his price range.  He of course wants a truck. 

Friday I took the kids to the Higgins Armory Museum.  George Higgins was enthralled with King Arthur and knights when he was a child and started collecting armor as an adult.  This collection grew and fills four floors.  It was very interesting to learn the history and see the craftsmanship. We stopped for lunch on the way home and for dinner I made burgers and gravy cheese fries.

Saturday we did our own things.  Son went to PT with the marine recruiter.  Youngest read and read and read.....  her books arrived Friday that she ordered with her birthday money.  I cleaned, went to gym and then to a baby shower.

Hubby's plane was delayed  in Baltimore due to the weather and he arrived home after midnight from a very bumpy plane ride.  He was glad to be home.  It's good to have him home. 

Sunday I went to Sunday morning temple services.  It was the last one.  Temple is in transition.  I was disappointed that the regulars did not come.  I know one woman was very disappointed because she would be away and one is with a dying mother but the rest.....  And then one woman who I have never met before came with a friend.  She used to come years ago and wanted to come and offer gratitude for this place.  Nora took a deep breath, sat for a minute and gently said that people need to show up when a person/place is alive.  It's like those people that show up to a funeral that were not their during the life.  And what a lesson.  If you believe in something you need to show up even on days you don't feel like it.  If you and others stop showing up then what?    And as I thought about it - I'm a show up kind of person.  We were taught as kids to show up.  I was at family nights and events for my brother.  He was at events for me.  You show up to support those you love. 

Leaving temple I went to the Earth Day event in Hazardville put on by the CT Herb Association.  I visited with friends, met new people, came home with soap nuts and herb plants.  The rain started to come and is still here.  Yeah!  It's a good steady soak into the ground kind of rain.  A rain that Mama Earth needs in our corner of the globe.  Yeah!

Hubby took the kids to a gun show and then we spent the afternoon together.

And this morning the kids go back to school.  The only bad thing they said about vacation was that it was over.  ;)   I will be going grocery shopping and hubby will be handling the disposal of son's car. And tomorrow I go back to that place that pays me for crunching numbers.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like some fine, fine family days you had there. Nice!

And it was nice seeing you at the Earth Day Celebration!

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