Wednesday, April 18, 2012

spring break

Monday hubby and I took the kids hiking on the Lion's head trail in Salisbury.  What a beautiful view of the ponds and farms below.  The spring flowers were just starting to pop.  A woodpecker gave us quite a show.  A picnic lunch on the tailgate of the truck and tacos for dinner. 

Tuesday hubby left by 4:30 to meet the rest of the guys and head to the airport. Last night's tacos turned into Mexican omelets for breakfast.  Hubby texted to say they landed OK while we were out on the bike trail.  Sunny with a slight breeze the 10 plus miles felt good.  I treated the kids to ice cream after.  So, maybe that defeats the healthy theme of the week but it is vacation after all.  I then cleaned out the shed a little - hubby needs to be home for the reclaiming of the garden shed.  Or the kids need to be gone.My gardening shelves are cluttered with stuff not belonging to me.  That's all I'll say.  I did dig out my hanging baskets and planted the rest of the pansies.  I trimmed the last of the shrubs that needed a spring cut. And then I headed to gym to lift weights while son went to the dentist.  We met back up after and I took son and youngest to dinner before their fire meeting.

Today we off hiking again.  Son has to work later and youngest and I will catch up on Dancing with the Stars.  It's our little ritual.

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