Monday, January 10, 2011

Met the parents

Saturday night hubby and I met boyfriend's parents for dinner. We were a little anxious and so were they. It turned out to be a nice evening. We got along great and they are as much in the dark about the moving plans as we are.

All the two know is that they are leaving on the 19th for Arizona by train. They have given neither one of us an exact time we are taking them to the station. It's been like pulling teeth to get them to pack up their rooms. We had to explain to oldest that maybe she should think about taking ALL of her clothes as she has none out there. Over New Year's boyfriend took her shopping. Nice, but you can only take three bags with you to move across country. Where are you going to school? I dunno know. Where are you sleeping? I dunno know. Where is boyfriend sleeping? I dunno know. Does the trailer have heat, water? I dunno know. What are you doing for work? phone? with your car? health insurance? birth control? I dunno know.

Apparently boyfriend's pat answer is the same. There is no logic in this move at all. It is purely emotional and oldest's desire (orders) to see bio.

The latest plan is oldest is sleeping at bio's on the couch. Boyfriend is sleeping in a trailer with heat but no water behind grandma's double wide. He will be expected to get a job and pay rent. He is signed up for school because his mom made him. He will be taking online courses through his current college as it was too late to transfer out there. They've only been planning this move since last summer.

Boyfriend's parents had no idea they were engaged. They did think the rings were kind of odd. I give him three months before he is back. It will be major culture shock for him. A single child with everything handed to him who hates smoking moving into a trailer park where everyone chain smokes. He will have no car and no friends. Oldest will be in the next town over with no car. And they think they don't see each other enough here. Hmmm! Bio is using him to get her there. Oldest really thinks she loves him but will be torn between him and bio. And she can not say no to bio.

Ah, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

And I'm just ready for her to go. She's left already and is pretty miserable to live with. Boyfriend's mom said the same about him.

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