Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeding and plans and....

For the picnic/going away party I made corn chowder (MIL loves it) and chili. They actually said it was milder than the taco soup and it was a big hit. MIL didn't try any but FIL did. Not sure how it is milder but hey I'll work with them. And I won't tell them its made with turkey and with all the veggies I think it hits a full rainbow. Cousin Tina sent me home with the leftover taco salad. It is so simple to make but I never think of it. It is her signature dish and I could eat just that. Did I mention EC was at the picnic. Nothin' like a little eye candy to brighten the day. He's such a great guy and hubby laughs at my slight crush.

Last night I made baked shrimp scampi (Love Barefoot Contessa) and a salad. Topped with Ina's recipe for blue cheese dressing - yum. I followed that with a flour less chocolate cake. I could get the top off the frangelico so I used raspberry liquor instead. The slight hint of raspberries in the background of this very chocolate cake was divine. And the cake was topped with chocolate ganache - this will satisfy any chocolate craving you may have. The original recipe I stole from Aaron McCargo of Big Daddy's house. And as youngest pointed out there is enough ganache leftover to top a few bowls of ice cream.

Tonight I making a pork loin with cherry sauce (one of oldest's favorites) and today I'll get the lasagna and chocolate raspberry cheesecake made for her birthday celebration tomorrow. I'll also prep the compound butter for the garlic bread. Ahh, her last good meal for a very, very long time. Unless of course you consider Ramen noodles a good meal.

And if we were worried about how youngest was going to take her sister's departure - well, she wants to know if she can have her room. She has it all planned out. She will move into oldest's room. We will dismantle the make shift wall in her room that divides it into two rooms. This wall is made of stand alone closets so that the girls could have separate space, When oldest son moved out oldest moved into his room. I made a spare room out of her side. This divided room is really the master bedroom. Though it has never been used as such. My room was to be a temporary room until I could move into the master bedroom. It's been 14 years. So, she says we can dismantle the wall and we can have our master bedroom. And if oldest does come back she can have the spare room downstairs. She's been thinking a lot about this. I'm pretty impressed. Of course son thinks he should get oldest's room. He wants it because it is bigger than his. Youngest wants it for the full size bed. I'm not doing any thing other than clean it for now. But maybe.... in a few months I can be in my master bedroom. And before my knees give out and I can't climb the stairs.

And I broke down and bought myself a kindle. I opted for the free shipping so it will be more than a week before it arrives along with it's purple leather case. I can't wait. It will hold up to 3,500 books. Yeah!!!! Hubby's excited (not as much as I am) that he won't have to add any more book shelves to the living room. Although if I could I would live in a library.

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