Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm loving the snow

I could not imagine living any where else. I love to travel but love coming home to New England and the beautiful change of seasons.

Now that I have a lap top for work I can work at home. There is not much snow today and I could drive the hour in but why? I will head upstairs shortly and take over the kitchen table. I will work in my pajamas and sip tea. I will light a candle or two. I have many prayer requests I am holding. It is a difficult time for many of my friends.

Oldest is somewhere between Chicago and Arizona. She will arrive about 3 AM our time tomorrow. Hubby talked to her while they were laid over in Chicago. It gave him great peace of mind.

The other kids are adjusting well. They have worked out new chore schedules without any fuss. I think it will be a few weeks before the full impact hits youngest. Her teacher's are keeping me informed.

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