Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are you kidding me?

So, in the midst of the big pack I decided I should check the luggage rules for the train. Boyfriend had said 3 checked and two carry on. And that is correct - at stations that check bags. Hartford does not check bags. So, they can only bring to carry on bags to move across country. The next train stop is Springfield. That is just as close as Hartford for us. They do check bags. Boyfriend will not change the tickets because it will cost a little extra money. Really?! And shipping your clothes will cost less?

Oh, this is really going to be a learning experience.

I talked to MIL yesterday. At the picnic on Saturday boyfriend needed a personal invitation to eat. It's a picnic - set up buffet style and MIL had announced it was time to eat. That wasn't enough for him. Oldest had to ask Grandma to ask boyfriend to come eat. Grandma off handedly did thinking it was a joke. He then stated that he could not eat until the owner of the house specifically asked him. Seriously?! It's a casual picnic and the "dinner bell" was rung.

Consensus from the extended family after meeting boyfriend - two commented that they don't like him and two weirdo comments. Good, it's not just me (and son and youngest and MIL and cousin and....)

Today is a snow day - sleeting yucky day outside. Inside it's warm and cozy. Everyone is home and safe. I made buttermilk pancakes and hot cocoa for breakfast. Youngest gave me a hug, a kiss and said I was the best cook in the world - and that before she ate. Tomorrow is oldest's birthday. She will be on a train so we are celebrating tonight. She asked for lasagna, That's made. The chocolate raspberry cheesecake she wanted is in the oven. I just need to make the compound butter for the garlic bread.


Kathy said...

(((More hugs)))

Walk in the Woods said...

I usually don't volunteer such observations … yet I'm compelled to share that - from my view - that invitation-to-eat is very, very peculiar *Control* behavior. Very.

Did anyone call him on this?