Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vacation accomplishments

So, Monday I did a little shopping for myself. I baked a batch of cookies for the live burn drill at the firehouse. Tuesday I did a million (or three or more) batches of laundry, wrapped all of the holiday presents, decided I wasn't a scrooge after all and put up the Christmas tree. I was able to get a hair appointment and am so happy. The last hair cut was NOT working. My hair dresser is no longer cutting hair and I am trying to find a new one. This one may be it. She only charges $10.00 plus $1.00 for the food shelter. We had turkey soup for dinner and I made a batch of beer bread to go with it. Then I was off to the full moon dakini practice. What a wonderful end to the day. And the moon - she was beautiful!

This morning I finally (finally, finally) got hubby to help hang the picture frames. After he crawled into bed for his daily slumber I cleansed the entire house - white sage, rattle and singing bowl. I really concentrated on the kid's rooms and had a lovely chat with Spirit.
This afternoon I have to take youngest to the dentist and then I have a fire department meeting tonight.