Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why is everybody stressed

Every December I chuckle to myself as everyone around me stresses out. Christmas comes the same time every year. You have an entire year to plan. There is such a thing as a budget and saying no. You do not have to do...... if it stesses you out.

The best present I bought this year - the one that gave me the most joy is for someone I may never meet. When I got my hair cut the salon donates money from each hair cut to the soup kitchen. They also had a giving tree. Tags were stuck to the tree with a name, age, and an item they would like. Some brought tears to your eyes as all the children wanted was a pair of shoes. I picked a tag for a young girl and bought what was on the tag and a few more things. I hope she enjoys it. Merry Christmas Thomasina!

I got a lot done today. I dropped off my present at the salon, I stopped at the health food store for odds and ends and oil for my lotion. I made toner, exfoliating scrub and lotion ( to replace the moldy batch). I paid the bills and went to the bank for the fire department. I stopped by my aunts new condo. It is really nice. She was ironing curtains while my dad hung the curtain rods. My uncle sat and smiled. We took a coffee break hence the reason I am up and awake at midnight. I forgot she uses real coffee - it was so good though. Grocery list is made and New Year's Eve planned.

Each year we skip dinner on New Year's Eve and I have an appetizer party in the living room for the kids. They wanted to "picnic" in the living room again this year. They each picked out two appetizers. They watch movies and eat and I cook. We all have fun. The cooking helps me stay awake until midnight. And at twelve we toast using my best champagne flutes and sparkling cider.

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