Monday, November 30, 2009

left overs and chores

Leftovers are gone. I didn't have enough turkey to make the lasagna so tonight I am making it with chicken. Last night I made a pot roast and potatoes dauphene (mashed potatoes mixed with butter and ground almonds and baked). I thought they might enjoy beef for a change and hubby's Justin was coming for dinner. So, a batch of double chocolate pecan cookies were baked for dessert.

This morning I downloaded and ordered pictures from youngest's field trip. I made a trip to the store and purchased picture frames for the family photos. I also bought my new food processor. Mine is ancient and I can no longer replace the shredding blade that broke once again. I've been waiting for the right price and finally at 50% off I made the splurge.

The thanksgiving decorations are all packed away. I'm enjoying a day free of decorations. Tomorrow I will put up the tree (scrooge here was out ruled - I wanted to skip a tree) and a few other festive decorations. I also plan on wrapping, wrapping, wrapping. A solid hour and that chore should be done.

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