Saturday, November 21, 2009

Count Down is On

I thought when youngest was done with soccer there would be more free time in our schedules. Not! Two more "work" days until Thanksgiving/vacation. Yeah!

Spread sheets and time lines are filled out for the next few days. I only have 24 for dinner this year. I was at the grocery store when it opened this morning to avoid the crowds. I came home to a house full (hubby and kids) waiting to help unload. I asked that they unload and bring to the appropriate parts of the house and leave it for me to unpack. I wanted to rotate stock and group things by recipes for the next week. That was a huge help. While I was gone hubby had the kids clean their rooms and bathroom. He vacuumed up and downstairs. Ah!

The kids all have friends over now. Mexican brownies are cooling for dessert. Chicken pot pie for dinner.

I'm ahead of schedule and actually have been relaxing this afternoon. Christmas cards are addressed and the Christmas letter is written. Sugar scrub is made for a special order. I have four gift bags of my products to make for a Christmas order. Most of the product is made. I need to make a batch of toner this afternoon. I need to make more lotion but I'm waiting for the ingredients I ordered to arrive. Oldest even asked for a refill on the lotion. I'm not actively selling but I make things for people through word of mouth.

Oldest's car is insured and registered. Hubby and I brought it to our mechanic to check it over completely before she drives it. Not long now until she has her license.

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Tina said...

oh wow, you are really "on the ball", I just found out i am doing Thanksgiving at my house, it will only be us with my mom and brother (6 total) but i have never done it before!! i am going to start making my lists tonight, for shopping and cleaning.
good luck to your daughter on her driver's license!
and if i don't talk to you before...Happy Thanksgiving

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