Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanksgiving

Everything is cleaned up and put away. It is cleaner now than a week ago as I cleaned oddball things in preparation of the holiday. I spent the morning having breakfast with a friend, the afternoon with my hubby and tonight I am going to a poetry reading.

Thanksgiving went well. I say that with some hesitation. MIL told me she was bringing the creamed onions (among all the other dishes she insisted upon bringing). Creamed onions are a staple in my family for the holiday. I must of had a look of horror on my face as I set up the buffet and opened the cover to the onions because she quickly explained that they were boiled onions like Dad likes. Oh, I said, if I had known I would have made creamed onions. We can add cream to them if you want. No, that's OK. (Yuk, I thought!) She also brought an extra dish as she always does. An olive and celery tray. Hmm, I never would have thought to have an olive tray. Oh wait, it was already on the table.

And the looks MIL and SIL and BIL gave me whenever I talked. OK, I'm brutally honest and sometimes say things a little odd but hey, that is me. The big no no was when they were debating which was easier to raise boys or girls? I said they both sucked. Jaws dropped and the conversation was over. What I meant is they are both difficult and challenging in their own ways and it depends on any given moment which is easier. And they don't like that my family jokes and teases each other. I guess we are supposed to be freaking nice nice all the time. Hey, we are real. So, our affectionate greeting to one another is hi, uglier than me. The appropriate answer to this by the way is, ain't nobody.

Cooking for 25 is fun for me. Cooking and hosting the in-laws - not so much. I think next time it will be 25 friends.


Tina said...

oooh....i hear ya on the in-law's!! Mine totally suck!! i am soo glad i didn't eat my Thanksgiving dinner with them.. my MIL was suppposed to cook on Friday and she just decided not to do it, but also decided NOT to tell me.. i had to find out from my stepson's girlfriend (good thing i never told my kids, or they would have been upset) haven't spoken to them since the day before thanksgiving and they live right next door!!

Martha said...

Yes, I am so with you on some folks just don't "get it".
Your dinner sounds delish!!