Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catching Up

What a busy week - again.

Board of Ed meeting due to the bus contract bids. The vote went with what the parents wanted.

Fire explorer's meeting. This is the third month in a row that only oldest has shown along with the advisers. The captain can't be bothered. Nice example coming from the assistant chief's son. They wanted a discussion about a Christmas party. Too many explorers turned 18 this year and the membership has taken a nose dive. I'm sure it will come back up (it always does). With so few members and none coming to the meeting I believe a Christmas party is out. I did joke that we should tell the others we voted to fly to Key West for a week end and oops they're too late to come. LOL

Thursday I went with youngest and the sixth grade class to the Tsongas center in Lowell, MA. It was a great field trip. The kids learned all about mill workers with hands on activities.

This morning I took son shopping. He needed new shirts as his were too small. He HATES shopping. I explained that if he wanted to pick out his clothes he had to come. Five long sleeve henleys, three t-shirts and we were back in the car in 11 minutes. He is now off on army maneuvers with his friends.

Youngest asked for bio's phone number this morning. I was curious what she wanted to tell her. None of the kids ask to call her. Well, she was playing her DS and was stuck on a level and wanted input from big brother on how to get to the next level.

It is a rainy gray day. I've paid the bills, read my e-mail and completed most of my holiday shopping.

Oldest is off to a birthday party tonight.

I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving. One to prepare the meal and two that means I'm on vacation. I work two days the week of Thanksgiving (I usually work three). My boss seems to think that means I have free time on my hands. I'll be jamming to get everything done before I leave and scrambling when I return. But that week and a half off will be oh so good.


Martha said...

It's funny that bosses actually think some little elf does our work when we take time off.
I bet your Thanksgiving is going to be great!!

Tina said...

stopping by to say hi.. (sorry i haven't in a while) sounds like you have been busy..
wow, i am jealous you have done most of your holiday shopping already!!! and i just found out this morning my mother and brother want to come here for Thanksgiving. yikes.. "panic mode"
i changed my blog name and url


Kathy said...

It sounds like things are rolling along up there. I haven't started Christmas shopping. I'm still in denial.
Can you share the recipe for cranberry sauce with horseradish? That sounds really interesting.

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