Saturday, November 7, 2009

Computer to do list

It's been a day spent on the computer. Well, first I walked three miles on the treadmill. But, aside from harvesting my crop on Farmville I have paid the bills, made up fliers for the fire department fund raiser, sold some product and ordered pictures.

We had family portraits done in September. After picking up the disc I needed to decide what to order. Bio sent money for us to send her an 8x10 of each of the kids. We were to send the best picture. Wait, then she said to have the kids pick out the pictures to send. Oldest picked hers. The other two said they didn't care. So, her pictures are in the mail. Our pictures are ordered and so our are Christmas cards. Here's the family photo I went with.

I read through all of my e-mail. Now, I just have some cd's to copy.

Son is making supper tonight - bacon cheeseburger soup and hamburger bun toasts. The recipes are in the latest edition of Paula Deen's magazine. I'll let you know how it is. Son loves soup and easy recipes. This fit both criteria.

Once I finally get off this thing (I want to catch up on my blog friends too) I'm making banana bread and something with apples.

Oh, and last night the whole family watched the latest Ice Age movie together (even son). Wohoo!


Walk in the Woods said...

I have to say ... after re-reading it more than once ... "bacon cheeseburger soup" sounds very interesting. So yeah, let us know it is!

Martha said...

Great family photo! You all are so photogenic.

Laura Rose said...

Beautiful family!!!