Sunday, November 29, 2009

Napkin Rings

I don't picture myself as crafty. I don't knit or crochet like my mom. I don't sew (that is what safety pins and duck tape are for). Well, there was that one time, in Girl Scouts... I made a reversible patchwork apron. That convinced me that a good tailor is worth their weight in gold. Hence the reason I proposed to my hubby when I found out he sewed. He thought I was joking. But, my "craft" room is filled with paint, buttons, beads, ribbons and all sorts of things. I have never had to buy anything for the kid's school projects.

I think sometimes I'm just cheap - well, frugal. I love going to craft fairs but the prices sometimes.... I often come home and recreate something I saw. So, when I decided I wanted matching napkin rings for Thanksgiving I decided to make them. I fell in love with some at my favorite kitchen store and $3.00 each doesn't sound like a lot until you multiply it by 25 and add tax. So, a trip to Michael's during their big half off flower sale and $5.00 and 26 napkin rings later here are the results. I had the wire and floral tape at home.


Lynette said...

simple easy elegence
good show

Tina said...

sooo cute... i am the same way, love craft shows but always think "i can make that, and for a lot less"
btw, i don't sew either... i use fabric glue or iron-on tape!!

Kathy said...

wow. Very cool.

Martha said...

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Walk in the Woods said...

What a cool, lovely and festive idea! Nicely done good woman. :)

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