Friday, January 13, 2012

Trouble in Paradise & tales from AZ (3 notes)

Bio signed up for a second facebook account.  She's using my hubby's last name for this one.  {I find that really irritating.}  She claims it's because her class reunion is coming up (in 2014) and she wants to make sure her classmates can find her.  But, truth be told - and she does sorta mention it when pushed - she doesn't have enough friends playing games on FB to advance her castles and what have you enough. 

I'll confess I did play A game on FB for a while.  I needed a stress reliever and my daughter asked if I would play with her.  She soon lost interest and I kept playing for a while.  I have since blown up my game and have not joined in any others,

Bio plays lots and lots of games.  Enough that son said it was a bazillion.  Youngest was playing with her for a while.  It was a connection to bio.  But, as no conversation occurs between the two of them that novelty soon fizzled and her games go abandoned.  It took youngest about two weeks to get bored. 

This game playing makes Leroyhesnotblack (LHNB) very unhappy.  He has lost his wife to FB games. And to show his dissatisfaction he unfriended bio. Ah, poor dumb sap.  Hubby complained years ago that she was on the computer too much.  Source of many arguments.  Son at age 6 tried to cut the phone lines so bio would stop playing on the computer and pay attention to him.  And the complaints go on.

Bio is convinced that LHNB is a big meannie.  She has oldest believing the same.  Because bio has been unlucky in love - she has bad mouthed the entire male species and convinced oldest that all men are awful.

Oldest's boyfriend went from being complicated to broken up.  Hmm!  Go figure. 

I write this tale because at one time I would have found it funny;  in a sick sense of the word.  But, now I just feel bad that my daughter is wrapped up in this middle school drama with a couple close to 50 y/o and really is the adult in the whole situation.  Oldest has a big heart especially where bio is concerned and she feels the need to care for bio.  So prayers for the whole bunch of them.

On another note:  Oldest turns 19 next week.  She had asked for jeans and socks for Christmas.  And now she's asking for t-shirts.  So, the other night I headed to the store with youngest - coupons in hand.  We find six cool t-shirts.  A range of colors and sleeve lengths.  They were on sale or clearance.  The clerk gave me the Tuesday discount for bringing my own bag.  It brought my total a few cents below my cash rewards card.  I handed over my coupon - she handed me the shirts.  She also asked for a CD.  It was one hubby bought me on vacation.  I made a quick copy of that and printed out a label.  I wrapped it up with a card and for the price of shipping she has a lot of presents.

Next note:  When our oldest son (OS)  graduated from high school I made him a cookbook of favorite family recipes.  I also included family addresses and a letter from me.  The other night he called hubby just to talk.  He didn't want anything.  Awesome!  In the midst of the conversation he told hubby he was making my cheesy beef pie and changing the ingredients up a bit. Wohoo!!!!!!   My cooking lessons have been rewarded.  It felt soooooo good to hear that.  You go OS!!!

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Walk in the Woods said...

Love that OS is adapting your recipes :) Sweet!