Monday, January 2, 2012

Changing it Up

We learned early on in our marriage that if the kids told bio where we were going she would bad mouth it so much the kids didn't want to go.  So, vacations have been a big secret. They are given a packing list and the dates.  This drives son absolutely crazy.  He really NEEDS to know what to expect.  He needs a routine, a plan - something. 

Last year after our trip to the mountains in Virginia son expressed an interest in doing something similar North - maybe Vermont he said.  I took that to mean he liked the mountains and hiking.  And wherever we go he wants their to be an Army Navy store. 

So this year as I sat down with the calender to plan vacation around my advanced herbal training I discovered two spots available through our time share in Northern Maine.  And, I pulled out the map and showed son and youngest and asked what they thought.  Jackman or Island Falls.  Son thought Jackman sounded like it would have an Army Navy store. Youngest thought Island Falls sounded like it would have beautiful waterfalls.  As this will probably be son's last vacation with us I started with his choice.

He will be a senior next year.  He turns 18 next December and if his plans go the way he has mapped them out he will be leaving for Marine boot camp as soon as he graduates.

His choice had one bedroom and a pullout couch in the living room.  Island Falls had three bedrooms.  Island Falls it is.  It is 8 hours from here - a good 4 hours North of Portland.  It's in between Baxter State Park and New Brunswick, Canada.  Now the planning begins. And the calm son imparted in knowing made my decision to include them right.

Youngest was really hoping for North Carolina though when you ask her what is there she just shrugs.  When I explained it was son's last vacation with us and that we could look into her choices in the years to follow she was satisfied.  She will have at least three vacations with us after this year.  Though I suspect she may have many more than that.  We shall see.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like the change was smooth and loving in its transitions. Nice!