Saturday, January 21, 2012


My family potluck was changed to next week end due to snow.

Snow - nature's ice bath.  I made twp batches of soap.  It goes so much faster when you can plunk the lye mixture in the snow to cool.  Almost all the bars I dropped off at Holistic Garden is sold along with my lip balm.  I have some ready to bring along with the rest of my products but, I need to keep the soap making up since it takes four weeks before it is ready for use.  Today's scents lemongrass and tangerine. 

I also made a batch of face & body cream.  It's been selling like hot cakes lately.  Plus I'm using a lot more now that dry winter air is upon us.  I've discovered that organic avocado oil works even better than sweet almond oil.  It gives it a pretty yellow green color too.

And while I was concocting my potions I made a list of all the supplies I need.  Order is made and sent.


Kate said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. How much snow did you get? It stopped here around 2 or so. MY evening plans changed to next month but that's okay.

Kim said...

We ended up with maybe 6 inches - a light snow all day.

Kate said...

it was heavy and then light until 2...I think we got about 6 inches as well. i was glad to stay in.