Sunday, March 7, 2010

week end excitement

Friday night youngest and I went and played bingo at the school. It cost me $2.50 for the two of us to have six boards in front of us for 15 games of bingo. Throw in the ice cream cup and water I bought for her and she is still a pretty cheap date. I got a Bingo along with two other people and split the prize money. I broke even for the night. Hey, that's the kind of excitement I have in my life.

Saturday was beautiful out; the kind of day where you know for sure that spring really is coming. I baked chocolate chip cookies, cowboy cookies and pumpkin muffins. I dropped a plate off with my adopted nephew and took the rest to the TFD. I haven't been to their fire house since Christmas and our schedules finally meshed. I've been tracking their schedule since then. In the afternoon I loaded up youngest's bike and the girls and I met my girlfriend and her son (with his bike) by the reservoir to walk (and ride). What a perfect day for it. The place was swarming with people thrilled to be outside again.

Son was glued to the TV and movies he's seen a million times before. He went to work with hubby last night. Hubby brought him home around four. And he just woke him up and took him to drill for the rope rescue team. Son should have no problems sleeping tonight.

Next week is filled with course selections, Girl Scouts and parent teacher conferences. Oh boy, am I excited. Not! Well, Saturday night we are going to Girl Scout night for the Wolf Pack hockey team. That will be fun. I just have my two girls and I love watching hockey.

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Walk in the Woods said...

I feel your excitement. :)