Tuesday, March 2, 2010

date morning

Hubby works night shift - five days on and three off. I work day shift and usually work on his days off if they fall during the week days and not on girl scouts and.... I mentioned that a friend of mine holds Friday nights as date night with her Beloved. Nothing comes between the two of them and date night. Hubby liked the idea and said once we are "normal" schedules and per chance have money to go on dates we could try it. We do go on dates just not weekly. I was off today and hubby came home after his last night shift for the week and asked if I had breakfast yet. So after putting youngest on the bus while I showered we headed out for a breakfast date. It is so nice catching up face to face. I only have a cell phone to talk to hubby on my way to work - youngest is up, showered and eating breakfast, I took .... out for dinner, see you when I get home. We have dinner every night with the kids and then we are off and running again taking this one here and that one there. So, today I got to enjoy breakfast and a quiet day with my hubby. Doesn't get any better than that!


Tina said...

awwww...that is sweet.
a date is important and doesn't have to be on a friday night.

i would actually rather do a breakfast or lunch then dinner out.

Tina said...

not sure if my last comment went through.....

that was sweet.... i would much rather go out to breakfast or lunch then dinner. a date doesn't have to be on a friday or sat. night.

Walk in the Woods said...

How nice that you got to have and share some time together. :)

Sapphyre said...


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