Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saga part 2

So, the same day that youngest had her melt down son comes home from school and tells us he was pulled out of class, made to sit in front of the headmasters office and was questioned by the police. Without us getting a call? A little odd. His math teacher also e-mailed back that the two days he stayed for extra help were not with him.

The next day hubby called the housemaster (both housemasters got on the line). There was an incident at school and the police were there. Son was not involved at all, was never pulled from class and they gave hubby the names of the two officers that were there. Hubby then stopped by the PD and talked to them. They never talked to son. And the officer son claims was there was not at the school at all because the incident in question involved his son.

Even with this information son continues to stick to his original story. When I said the officer in question was not there he was genuinely confused. I believe he rehearses these stories so much in his head that he actually believes they happened.

He did stay after school and did homework but, did not talk to his math teacher. He is failing math. With some really hard work on his part he could pass the class and not have to repeat it. Hard work is not in his vocabulary - at least as far as school is concerned especially if he doesn't click with the teacher.

Saturday morning father and son had a heart to heart, tears were shed by both and some issues involving bio were cleared up as well. Bio the root to the lying and melt downs.

That night I took the girls to see the Wolfpack (hockey) and hubby took son to the Army Navy store and hooters. Son even posed with a hooters girl for a picture. Now, if we can only figure out how to get it off the phone and onto the computer for printing.

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