Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where have I been?

Time keeps on slipping, slipping....

Last week end we went to Vermont for our nephews college graduation from Middlebury. He is a Mid Feb - a special breed. The ceremony started at 9 so we were out of our house by 4 AM. I had made a quadruple batch of blueberry coconut muffins for breakfast. We met MIL and FIL an hour and a half North at a coffee shop. Coffee and cocoa in hand we munched on muffins and continued North. It was 4.6 degrees when we left, 0 at the coffee shop and 6 below at the graduation. From the ceremony the graduates head over to the ski slope on campus and ski, snowboard, slide or walk down the hill in full graduation gowns. From their we headed to lunch, Gardener's supply and a short (very short) nap. Dinner was at Shanty on the Shore in Burlington. I had escargot that was really good (oldest even tried one) and salmon baked with a crab meat stuffing and topped with a cheese sauce served with snap peas. I also tried the long trail ale made especially for the Shanty. It was really good - doesn't really go with salmon but how can you pass up one of the local brews? We were all back in the room and asleep by 8:15. The next day we went to BIL for a graduation brunch and then headed back home.

I've been working at home on my days off in between trying to keep the house clean, people fed and meetings attended. The last of the ingredients came in to make my baby powder so I've been experimenting with a new product. I love powder in the summer time and though I've tried it the real test will come when the weather warms up.

My uncle was in the hospital for a week while they tried to regulate his meds. I spent an afternoon with my aunt going to visit him. They are in their 80's and have been married 65 years. My aunt still does more than I do in a day. I get my love for cooking from her. My uncle is home now with no change to his medicine. He can no longer be left alone which is really hard on my aunt as she still volunteers at the thrift shop and goes to the Y. She also has a huge social network of girlfriends she visits with. The thrift shop and Y are on hold and now the girlfriends come to the house. Sunday I am staying with my uncle so my aunt can go to the theatre. She has season tickets to the Warner and is going to see The Full Monty. She says my uncle likes me. I always show up with a plate of warm cookies. He recognizes family and friends and enjoys company. He does not want strangers anywhere near him (translated - visiting nurses). The 26th he turned 88, my mom turned 39 again. I think it's cute that my Dad and my Aunt both married spouses with the same birthday - years apart.

Report cards came back. Son failed math. I as calmly as I could explained how that was unacceptable and that he would be pulling up his grade or going to summer school. I also informed him that his handling it on his own was obviously not working for him. Then hubby said I should not be sarcastic. That is when I lost it. Now, the voice was raised and my true displeasure was expressed. The grounding would come after hubby and I discussed it. Then I left to spend a joyous evening with my heathen friends at our wisdom gathering discussing planting fear. It was mentioned that the only intentional fear one planted was in their children - I agree.

So, on a week by week basis (I can check son's grades on line) he will no longer have phone or computer privileges (except for homework) and he will show us his math every day. If you do not spell things out specifically son will find a loop hole. I couldn't do my homework because I couldn't use the computer. My little lawyer. Maybe this will put the cabash on the girlfriend for a while.

Last night hubby asked what I called him on my blog. I had mentioned a pet name my girlfriend uses for her husband. He said hubby was as bad as wifey. I don't think so. What would you like me to call you? We don't really have pet names for each other. I call him good looking, sexy and arm candy but nothing as a true nickname. We batted around stud muffin and a few other names and he finally decided after learning that the kids were oldest, son and youngest that hubby was OK and that changing now might confuse my readers. So, my names are not very exciting. Maybe it should be LOMY - love of my life.

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Martha said...

Thank you for the update, sorry about son failing math. The powder sounds wonderful, I love all your products so much and so does my skin!!
Tell LOMY I send Greetings from LA and we would love to host you and hubby for some urban search and rescue fun.