Saturday, February 6, 2010


Mrs B is doing a retro month for February. I have agreed to help out and plan on posting a few recipes. I have to remember to take pictures. When I think of retro I think of staple cooking items from the 70's - crock pots, fondue and Campbell's soup. I changed my profile picture as well. This is vintage 1985. I was talking with friends the other day about going to see Motley Crue. They saw them "recently" and people dressed from the 80's. They thought that was silly. Here is a picture from October 16, 1985. I walked to Nassau Coliseum from my dorm at Hofstra University to see the concert.


Walk in the Woods said...

You know, there was really no reason at all to date that pic ... it's pretty self evident that it was born in the heart of the '80s! :D

Martha said...

That is so Cool, like Totally!