Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bio-hazard Update

February 10, marked the one year anniversary of bio's departure across country. The kids have adjusted well. Stress levels have dropped, grades have improved (other than math but that is another story), they are physically healthier and they now all have active social lives. It has not been all peaches and cream since she left. We have our normal family squabbles but... and Son deals with a lot of anger over her abandonment. He strives to deal with everything on his own and that has caused problems in other areas (like math).

The 10th also marked bio's 44th birthday. Oldest was the only one to remember. She did call bio but, no one else talked to her.

A month before that bio spent time in the hospital and had stints put in. Maybe the poor diet, excess pounds and chain smoking along with a history of heart disease is not a good combination.

The phone calls from bio have slowed to once a month or less. The kids usually talk to her when their brother calls and they hear her in the background. They ask to talk to her which annoys brother as he was the one calling to talk. The other day youngest called her brother for advice on a DS game she was playing. Bio answered the phone and tried talking to youngest. Youngest kept asking for her brother - nothing comes between a 11 y/o and leveling up on her DS. Finally youngest asked when bio was coming for a visit because she has forgotten what she looks like. Bio said she would send a picture and handed the phone to brother.

When brother was here for a visit he said that their were no plans for anyone to get their own place - no one could afford it. Bio left because the job opportunities here were so bad. And if you have been fired from countless jobs in a small corner of the earth I suppose that would be the case. Only it took her almost 6 months to find a clerk position, working overnight at a convenience store. And their are 7 people still living in a 2 bedroom trailer. But, hey sometimes her oldest brother works night shift which means her younger brother gets to use the bed and my son gets the couch. That is a good night.

Yup, you got that right Grandma has all three of her kids (all in their 40's) and three of her grandchildren living with her. The two granddaughters stayed with their dad only because their mother is in jail. And bio is hoping someday all of her children will be grown and living with her.

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Martha said...

Bio Hazard is right, glad she is far away from you all. Sorry Son is feeling abandoned.
Best to you for a great weekend w/the Girl Scouts.

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