Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm so Excited

Bouncing off the walls excited. I have been checking the website almost daily for the registration form. I e-mailed Sage Mountain and they said they would mail me one as soon as they were available. My form came yesterday. It is filled out and going in the mail tomorrow (Monday). What has me so excited - The 23rd Annual New England Women's Herbal Conference. This will be my fifth one. After my first conference (that my dear friend Rose brought me to) I vowed never to miss another one. Both girls are coming this year. They have a circle within a circle for girls 13 to 18. Oldest has participated in this the last three years. She loves it. I think these three days are the only time I ever see the REAL oldest. For girls younger than this they have a children's camp during class time. I have been selfish and refused to bring youngest so I can be fully present without worrying about watching her. She will be twelve this year and with oldest going to college next year it may be the only conference they can attend together.

I can hardly contain myself every time I think about it.

There are herbalists from around the world, great food, entertainment and music. 500 or more women come together to learn, share and celebrate.


Walk in the Woods said...

Oh my ... I imagine my form will arrive soon too ... dare I commit to this fantastic August event now? Oh my ...

Martha said...

I am so happy for you and your daughters to be going, and so wish I could meet up with you there sometime.