Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow ???

They started to panic at work yesterday as the weather reports came in. The company even said we could have a casual day. My boss planned to work from home as did her boss. The kids probably wouldn't have school and I could come in early or I could work from home. Hmm! Home it is because I can. They canceled school last night. So, I slept until 6, farmed my farm in Farmville and started on my briefcase. Working in my sweats with my music on and no interruptions is bliss. I have a few more hours to put in if I want to get paid for a full day. Oh, and at 1:40 it is just starting to snow. Nothing is sticking yet. I'm hoping for enough so we can skip the fire department meeting tonight. I'm so bad.

Monday I cleaned - deep cleaned my office. Hubby put in that extra shelf I'd been asking for and I can see clean empty surfaces. Ah, what a good feeling.

Egg salad is made for lunches tomorrow. Pork tenderloin with cherry sauce for supper tonight.
Life is good.


Walk in the Woods said...

Life *is* pretty sweet. :)

Martha said...

I am glad you got to clean up your office, way to go, Kim!