Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Appetizers were yummy. Youngest's girlfriend spent the night and they play beautifully together. They tucked themselves in to bed around 11 so I was able to shut the lights off and go to sleep "early." Yeah! Hubby took a nap before work. His Justin (our adopted nephew) stopped by right after he went to bed. I offered to feed him before he headed out to who knows where. He ate, I packed him a to go package and we talked while we finished the puzzle the entire family has been working on for a week. It was a nice quiet evening.

Granny Annie posted the 10 things she has learned in the past decade. Here are my 10 lessons learned in no particular order.

1. Giving birth does not make a mother ( I sort of knew this but now definitely without a doubt know this).

2. That mental abuse can be far worse and longer lasting than any physical abuse.

3. That children can break your heart on a daily basis if you let them.

4. That when a child is hurt it affects everyone.

5. That it is every one's responsibility to love and nurture our youth. This I've always felt but it has really hit home these past few years.

6. That a good hug really does heal.

7. That it is OK to cry.

8. That my mom's dating advice was wrong. She told me all men were jerks and that I should get used to it. I spent many years trying to prove her wrong until hubby came along. (This does not in any way mean I never get mad at him - be real.)

9. That in times of crisis you learn who your true friends are and they priceless. You also learn who you can walk away from with no regrets during those times.

10. That my time is worth more than money.


Walk in the Woods said...

Happy new year Kim ~ Be well!

Martha said...

Excellent list, I love the part about learning your true friends especially.
Thank you and Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Kim.

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