Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Visits

MIl and FIL flew Seth out from AZ. He's been staying with them since Sunday. He goes back home tomorrow. They were down last Tuesday for oldest's birthday. They took us all out for dinner. The kids sat at one end of the table catching up on family. Son was oh so not happy that he was there and not at the firehouse. He told his grandmother just that not once but twice. Her Rose colored glasses perceived him as getting along beautifully with Seth. No, he was at the end of the table one upping him and after dinner did you not notice he went down on the computer and avoided everyone else?

Friday night MIL invited all the kids to spend the night. We would pick them up Saturday when we came for pictures and a mini reunion. The girls went - son stayed home. He had some sinus issues and grandparents believed that was the entire reason. Well, I think they know the real reason but they told everyone it was because he didn't feel good.

I was invited to a 60th birthday party Saturday. I didn't want to miss it and frankly even though MIL and I have made up I wasn't really thrilled about going. I offered to take two cars so I could leave early for the party. Hubby insisted on one car so he could leave early as well. I was blamed for the early departure and he stayed home with the kids as I went to the party alone. Almost wish I was a fly on the wall to her all the scuttlebutt about hubby and I.

Seth barely talks to us. And unless you ask twenty questions holding a conversation is nearly impossible. He really doesn't do anything so there really isn't anything to catch up on. Hubby wants to spend less time with his family than I do. And as far as Seth is concerned hubby has put up a shield of protection to keep from having his heart broken any more. Hmm! Next week is nephew's college graduation and we are going to that. It will be an overnight trip. The kids are excited. It might be more conducive to a conversation with a few less people attending. SIL and her family were going to stay home because of kids and basketball but not wanting to be left out and because she is the martyr of the family she will be driving the four hours up to the graduation and back in the same day.

MIL had everyone at the house for family pictures. Getting several of the grandchildren (two being mine)to cooperate was worse than pulling teeth. But, that chore is over. She will be getting a disc of all the pictures. Should be interesting to see how they turned out.

Work is insane. We have new clients - I have new clients. If my boss piles any more on my plate I believe she thinks I will come back full time. The money would be great. Paying bills would be much easier. I would trade the stress of making ends meet for the stress of being there 40 hours a week. I will put in more time when needed. I will work from home but, I will NOT be going back full time.

I am really taking stock of the things I do. Some things that I used to enjoy I no longer do. Committees I am on will be eliminated as my terms come due. I will be saying good bye to a few things this year. The time has come.

I just finished reading A Reliable Wife. I really enjoyed it. Sex, madness, murder, death, love and grief with twists and turns and surprises in the plot. I love it when I am surprised. I find so many books predictable - that is so boring.


Martha said...

Thanks for the book recommendation, I appreciate it.
So sorry for the family drama, Kim, gosh, what a drag.

Walk in the Woods said...

Well, things sound full and busy (a little crazy, even) in your world! Glad you had a good book to enjoy - you deserve it!