Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Thank the Goddesses for Vitex agnus-castus! After my lovely mammogram that only proves I have dense breasts they sent me for an ultra sound. They found a cyst in my left breast. Come back in six months for a follow up ultra sound. I was not concerned - I get functional ovarian cysts monthly with my cycle ( go on the pill the doctors said). I skipped that and started taking my vitex tincture daily and the ovarian cysts stopped. I had stopped the vitex and decided to go back on it. The follow up ultra sound - they couldn't find a thing. And this year I am telling them they can skip a mammogram.***

Oldest's car is back from the shop - completely gone through and ready for the road. I've been having her chauffeur me around so she can get used to her car. She just needs to call DMV and set up an appointment for her test. She's doing pretty good but if you are in a hurry at night don't follow her.

MIL came down to visit yesterday and took me to lunch. After hubby left to do errands she asked if we could clear the air. She knew there was a problem and she wanted us to fix it. I was calm enough by now to explain my hurt and frustration. She said I should have called earlier but I explained that I was to upset and would have said things that I couldn't take back. We are in a much better place and the door is now open to fix things much easier.

I did learn that my Christmas letter was upsetting to one nephew. Other than saying Seth moved back to AZ with bio I did not give an update on him. Nephew asked his mom if she would stop mentioning him after he moved out. I said I did have an update in the letter and hubby thought I should take it out. The update was: Seth works at McDonald's part time. Not that their is anything wrong with working at McDonald's but at 21 he sleeps on an air mattress in the living room at his grandmother's two bedroom trailer that he shares with six other people, he works part time, plays video games and reads comic books and thinks Hubby and I are jerks (that should really read something that begins with an a). But, hey if you want next year I can put that little bit of info in the letter or maybe just write ditto what he has done since graduating.

Also, My J, who does NOT want kids EVER, NEVER, EVER was here thanksgiving. He has been dating the same girl for over a year. His sister joked that the daughter of her divorced girlfriend with four kids wanted J to date her mother. (Never mind that he is dating someone) I said no, don't do it. Apparently that means that I hate kids, am having problems in my marriage and am sorry I have four children. Luckily my MIL is a little smarter than some that were there and explained to them (when they asked about it after they left) that maybe they should look at my actions instead of my words. No one spends more time, energy and love on Oldest, Son and Youngest than Kim she explained. Thanks! I said I noticed some strange looks and that the conversations just ended. Not once did anyone say, Kim what did you mean? There is a novel idea. I told MIL that they should start doing that. I am far more blunt and honest than his family is used to. I can be a little rough around the edges and I tell it like it is. Unlike SIL who pretends that the whole world is perfect. She actually said that her and her teen age daughter get along 100% of the time. Really!!!???

So, to set the record straight - I am not having problems in my marriage (not that things are perfect 100% of the time), I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for the world. I would marry my husband and take on his kids all over again. And I would never recommend anyone who does not want kids to have them. Kids, all kids, deserve love and nurturing and their are far too many out their right now who don't have that (and one child is too many). And please, when you only see me a couple times a year and don't ever hold a conversation with me make assumptions.

Tuesday oldest turns 17. Tonight her friends are coming over for a bowling party and pizza. Tomorrow Seth flies in for the week. MIL and FIL paid for his flight. He is staying with them. We will see him Tuesday night for oldest's birthday and Saturday at the big family reunion so we can all have pictures taken. That is another long story. Do I keep my mouth shut or do I address the I'm sorry I ever married my husband question? That I'll have to wait and see what the day brings.

*** I am not a doctor. This is a public forum and if you choose to ignore your doctors advice and use what worked for me do so at your own risk.


Walk in the Woods said...

Hey - welcome back to blog land. I missed ya! Even though I *do* see you in the flesh on occasion!

Martha said...

Thanks for the herbal supplement info, Kim, I appreciate it, so glad all is well healthwise for you.
Best Wishes for Oldest and her driver's test, :o)
I am so glad you and MIL cleared the air, that is wonderful.
Best Wishes for a calm visit w/family reunion.

Laura Rose said...

So glad all is well & healthy for you! :)

Kathy said...

I've really missed you, but I thought is was me, since I haven't been in blogland myself.

I appreciate the way you keep a positive attitude even with the stress of life, and it helps me to do the same. Thanks.

AND: I am skipping the mammogram also, because I am at low risk for breast cancer & have dense breasts & am more concerned with a dose of radiation. I will not skip the colonoscopy, though. It's about personal needs and family history, for me.