Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Must I stay home

Today is the last day of exams for the high school. They have half days during exams. Today is make up day and the other period both kids have study hall. Rather than have them sit at school for four hours we let them stay home. Son asked if he could take off second period and hang out at the mall with his "girlfriend" and a buddy. No!!!!!

First the buddy has been stopped by the cops several times for doing stupid things - pointing a laser at other drivers and such. Buddy has already been suspended from the fire department twice for his behavior. He has also been found going lights and siren to the firehouse for a call. A BIG NO NO, especially for a junior. And last time son went with buddy to the movies they did not go directly to the movies but way, way out of the way to pick up girl friend. Buddy and girlfriend are both ADHD. Which is totally not under control.

Girl friend or rainbow bright (RB) as we think of her as her hair color changes daily is a manipulating, rude user. She leads son around by the nose. When he is unavailable she just calls the next guy on her list. She hugs all the boys at the fire house except son. She really isn't his in any sense of the word. She just feeds him enough bull to keep stringing him along. When she came to pick him up to help feed the animals at school during winter break she called from the driveway and wouldn't come to the door. Hubby let him go. Never again. I said she could come to the door like a normal person. RB is afraid of hubby. Please, the big teddy bear. Maybe because he doesn't put up with her attitude at the firehouse.

And, there is no mall any where near here. Where are they really going?

Well, I can just take off with them any way. You'll never know. What gives you (hubby) the right to tell me what to do?

So, this morning he gets up and is going to go to school because he doesn't want to hang out at the house. Really? He's going to sit in the cafeteria for four hours. No, don't think so. And I don't trust the school to keep track of him. You are staying home I said. But, I don't want to. Sucks to be you was my reply. If you want I can stay home from work and babysit you? ( Hubby will be sleeping as he works night shift)

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