Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Mother-in-love really enjoyed the Wizard of Oz. She thinks maybe we should see Wicked again to catch all she missed. Twist my arm. The Warner did an awesome job with the play.

Monday afternoon I was looking forward to coming home from work and jumping on the treadmill and then maybe to the beach for a quick swim. Hubby even had the treadmill already to go for me. Not! I received a call - carnival committee meeting. The last meeting before the carnival starts on the 12th.

Last night though I came home and jumped on the treadmill. Hubby went and picked up Chinese food and we made a little picnic out of it.

Today I am off to the CT shore with a friend. I'm hoping the rains hold off until late this afternoon. I will be home in time for supper and then off to the fire house for a meeting. Hmm, I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

Hubby wanted to know what I am doing Thursday because he was invited to go jet skiing with the boys. Go, have fun! I'm working and then going to a full moon fireside. Yeah! We are both excited.

I'm keeping track of my kid's vacation at the cape via facebook. They've been to the beach, the cape cod potato chip factory and a whale watch so far. Sounds like fun.


Martha said...

It sounds like you and hubby are having some quality time together and w/friends. I wish I could hang out w/you at the beach, wouldn't that be fun!

mrsb said...

Wow, sounds like all of you are having tons of fun!

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