Sunday, August 30, 2009

vegging out

The past two days I have vegged around the house. Well, I did do all the laundry, dust, vacuum and clean the bathroom. I also supervised the kids in cleaning their bathroom. Then I rested. I can't relax in a dirty house.
I accepted an offer from friends to play farmville on facebook. OK, now I'm addicted - planning out when to harvest my crops and helping friends to earn experience and level up. I'm already up to level six with seven in my sights. This is worse than tending my fairy garden.
Yesterday I made a loaf of pepperoni bread. Hubby and the kids were fighting (in a playful kind of way) about whether it should stay home or go to work with hubby. I served it with dinner so hubby would not miss any of it. They finished the entire loaf at dinner to make sure they didn't miss a slice. I also made my "the works" potato salad. It is loaded with all the goodies you would put on a loaded baked potato - sour cream, chives and bacon. Son especially loves it and I need to make a triple batch just to have left overs. He wants me to bring this to the family picnic next week. I joked that he would have to get at the end of the food line if anyone wants to try it.
Today mother and father-in-love come for breakfast. They just returned from 17 days in Alaska and have presents for the kids. MIL is bringing a blueberry buckle. I made a ham and broccoli stratta.
Tonight my parents come for a fondue. We grew up having these for really, really special events. I'm not talking chocolate or cheese but boiling oil and cooking your own dinner. Hubby has experienced one with my brother and sister-in-love but this will be the kids first. I waited until I thought they could enjoy the experience and be patient enough. Mom is bringing steak, shrimp and Caesar salad. I made the sausage balls ( a mix of sausage, sauerkraut and cream cheese), sweet and sour sauce, breaded cheese cubes and a blackberry pie (my dad's favorite).
I consider prepping all this food vegging out by the way.
Hubby just called and asked if I wanted a mocha latte (decaf of course) from Dunkin Donuts. He is headed home from his last day of work. And after asking my schedule for the week invited me to breakfast on Tuesday after we put the kids on the bus for their first day of school. Have I ever mentioned how much I love and adore him?

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