Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kids are home

The beach was a lot of fun. A few hours in the sun and surf and we headed to Mystic Village for some shopping and ice cream. We both bought some nail polish at Del Sol. Everything in the store changes color in the sun. White t-shirts with a black design suddenly are full of color in the sunlight. The nail polish is light indoors and changes to a vibrant hue in the sun. What fun. As I removed the hideous green from youngest's nails this morning I repainted them with my new sun kissed color. She was all excited when I took her outside and they changed color (even in the drizzly rain). Oldest is using it when she comes home.

Thursday nine Goddesses met around a friends fire pit. We called the quarters, blessed the full moon, sang, ate and laughed.

The kids called to say they wouldn't be coming home until Saturday. As much as I missed them I was excited because that meant hubby and I could go out Friday night. Friday morning I was went for an oil change and a few errands. I came home to an empty house. Hmm? Hubby called a little while later to see if I could help bring drinks and sandwiches to the fire call. A dump truck full of asphalt had tipped over near the resivour. No one was hurt. Instead of meeting my girl friend for tea ( I am so sorry I didn't call) I was feeding the crew. That night hubby and I went to the Gilson to see Johnny Depp - um I mean Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp.

Saturday I woke to a crisp, clear beautiful fall day. Oh, wait it's still supposed to be summer. Maybe that will arrive this fall. Any way I went to the memorial service for my SIL's father. I sat in the Catholic church and lightening didn't strike. Even my dear sweet aunt leaned over and whispered that one day she would go up for communion to see what the priest would do. LOL I have - years ago. I told one taste of that wafer going to the roof of your mouth and sticking like supper glue and the idea would pass. For all of those Catholic's out there - if it works for you - I am happy for you. It just does not work for me. But, that is a very long rant which I will spare you at this time. I have been to many beautiful catholic services - none in this particular church.

SIL called to ask if I could pick the kids up a little early. Youngest had developed a really bad head ache and was crying. The kids were ready to come home. They had a great time and chatted the whole way home. Son must be getting ready for a growth spurt - I'm pretty sure all he did was eat. And for supper he ate enough for three (or four) people. I baked Annie's mocha midnight cake as a welcome home. They loved it. Some down time on the couch a youngest felt a lot better. Some sinus meds and 13 hours of sleep and she woke up good as new.

This week starts carnival week. Monday set up. Wednesday to Saturday carnival and Sunday clean up. The kids are so excited. Me, not so much. They all want to help set up. Son wants to sit in the dunking booth. Oldest works the food tent because she is an explorer. Youngest has been talking for months how she can ride the rides for free at the matinee. She even told bio that she has wanted to go to the carnival for years and she/bio wouldn't take her but, Kim is. Fireworks are Friday night and the parade is Saturday. Hubby's rotating schedule works out that he will be off the week end and can take the kids. I will spend all but Saturday night in the ticket booth for the beer garden. Saturday I put wrist bands on the marchers for the free beer garden ( as I know most of the firefighters). Then it will be back in the ticket booth. I like the plexi glass between me and the beer drinkers (drunks).

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Wishing you all the best this carnival week!