Friday, August 14, 2009

2 nights down, 2 to go

Wednesday was slow in the beer garden - it always is. I was going to bring a book to read in the ticket booth and wish I did. The first hour I was there I was busy helping set up tables and chairs. I brought peanut butter and cowboy cookies.

Thursday we slept late and I made a big breakfast - bacon, eggs and toast. Then the girls and I headed out to pick up the t-shirts for the carnival and grocery shopping. The last grocery shopping trip I just bought the bare essentials and gave the rest of the grocery money to SIL for the kids food at the cape. This was a big trip. Pork chops and cole slaw made from the cabbage in MIL's garden and back to the carnival. Son came to spend some time in the dunking booth. Oldest works the food tent and I was back in the beer ticket booth. It was busier than Wednesday - which doesn't say much. I had to shut off my first person in ten years. Usually the beer pourers toss the customers out. I actually had to tell one woman I would not sell her any tickets. She was sloshed when she got here. Pissed at me she left for the bar.

Two more batches of cookies baked for tonight. Astragalus root capsules made. Laundry in process. Hubby is taking a nap and then we are spending the afternoon at the beach. Tonight is fireworks and hubby will bring son and youngest to see. Oldest and I will be working. Son didn't volunteer for the dunking booth tonight so he could ride the rides. I asked if he was paying. No - then I guess you won't be riding the rides. Tomorrow afternoon kids of the department ride for free. That is in my price range. He thinks rides are fun only at night (at carnivals) and he wants to go to his police explorer picnic tomorrow. Sucks to be him. Friday is our busiest night so tonight should be fun. I would much rather be busy than sit around.


Martha said...

It sounds like fun except for the slow parts. I love our local carnival, it means Fall is here. It's still 90 degrees, but Fall nonetheless.

Lynette said...

chores chores chores
somedays it is not worth cleaning up the dishes for
but we all hafta do it
hope tonight is rocking in the garden