Sunday, July 1, 2012

Only Child Week

Son has been at the fire academy since Tuesday.  He "graduates" today.  We will be there for the ceremony today.  Hubby and youngest will be in uniform and hubby gets to give him his certficate.  The students also put on a full demonstration of what they have learned and then a family BBQ afterwards.  Last night we went to the Broad Brook Fire Department carnival and parade as the students were marching.  Son was happily surprised to see us there.  He even came over with a new friend to see us.  He was all smiles. 

Youngest has been loving her week alone.  Tuesday I gave her a manicure and pedicure.  I didn't have any tan polish so she went with a bright magenta.  Yesterday I let her pick out some polish.  She now has gold crackle to try.

Thursday hubby sent me flowers at work for our anniversary!  Then Friday night we out dinner, took a liesurely walk along one of the bike trails, cruised the back roads and stopped for ice cream.  Youngest stayed home alone with her subway sandwich she asked for and we let her rent a movie - Ghostrider 2. She was over the moon and we were thrilled we didn't have to watch the movie.

Saturday youngest helped me finish up the grocery shopping and picking out birthday presents for my nephew then we headed to the Native American Pow Wow in Somers.  They had wonderful exhibits and music and tons of vendors.  I came home with some new CD's and she has a beautiful abalone shell for smudging.

Monday was our healthy challange kick off at work.  The committee I'm on has been working for months on the program.  I'm pretty proud of what we have come up with.  It's not just a weight loss competition.  You receive points for nutrition, exercise, smoking sessation, and wellness initiatives.  We have a schedule of soccer and hiking events throughout the five month program and I'm leading two of the hikes.  You have individual scores and team scores as everyone is on teams of four.  We split our committee into two teams so we can compete alongside everyone else  We just aren't eligable for the prizes. 

I don't have a problem if people don't want to join in but rumor has it one person has really been bashing the program.  I'll be addressing that when I get back to work this week. 

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