Tuesday, June 26, 2012

8 Years

Eight years ago hubby and I were married.  It seems like yesterday and forever all at the same time - both in a good way. To celebrate we are having a date night .... on Friday.

Today we dropped son off at the fire academy.  He will have his "graduation" on Sunday.  Hubby made a few phone calls for the drill he is in charge of tonight at the firehouse and then he went to bed.  I'll make sure he's up in time to get the pizza for the meeting.  It's the middle of his work week and he was up all night and will be back in again tonight making the world safer.

I took youngest to the post office (wohoo) to mail a care package to oldest.  She's in need of toiletry items.  She would love cookies but food is still not allowed.  We then went to the library.  The place I could stay forever.  She picked out three books - two comic and Sherlock Holmes four books in one binding.  I looked through the cookbooks.  My group is cooking Mediterranean for the potluck dinner at our next class.  I wanted a few ideas.  I'm trying out the recipe I picked tomorrow night on the family.

Youngest then received a manicure and pedicure because I'm such a meany.  Her nails are now a pretty magenta.

She's off to the firehouse tonight with hubby.  So, I'm watching Bridesmaids.  I was able to pick that up at the library.  I hope it lives up to all the hype my coworkers gave it.

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