Friday, June 22, 2012

Where was I?

I started typing this blog post and my mom called.  Dad is out to breakfast and she had a few moments to chat without interruption. Plus, she needed help with her e-mail.  I talked her through finding her contacts, editing contacts, adding contacts and getting her e-mail to show up in her in box. 
I believe I was reflecting on the fact that I blog more when there is drama going on.  And I'm happy and blessed to say life is pretty drama free.  I've learned over the years to step away from the drama and to pick my battles.  So, let's see what have I been up to lately. I'm stealing the bullet point idea from another blog.  Maybe it will make my scattered thoughts more coherent. I'm not promising anything though.

  • School is out for the summer.  Report cards are in.  Youngest did great and son passed everything.  Youngest had her promotion ceremony and is now in high school.  This came on the heals of winning the Principal's award.  My proud bragging mom moment.  This is awarded by recommendations from the teachers for students who show great character.  Both my girls have received this award.
  • Son's bronco is on the road.  The 1987 Ford Taurus that his sister left for him was totaled.  A woman pulled out in front of him.  No one was hurt! :)  He was kinda happy because the car was not cool.  It was free and the insurance was cheap but....  He was able to pick up a 1994 black bronco.  Hubby and him did a few minor repairs and now he has a manly man vehicle.  And we don't have to drive him back and forth to work.
  • I'm slowly reading my homework.  The assigned book is for our teacher in August.  It is a tough read.  Usually herbal books are pretty quick reads but this.....  It goes from the authors text to his journal entries on the text to quotes from various sources.  I've started skipping the quotes which really distract from the text way more than they clarify it.  I'll give a full review when it's done.
  • I have completed the first draft of my herbal intake form and plan to tweak as I do my first intake.  I'm starting with my mom.  This way I can get some family history and a list of her meds.  I know most of the family history and my parents assure me that they have a list of their medicines written out and in strategic places in case of emergency. 
  • I had my review at work.  We have new clients starting soon and my boss wanted to know if I would be willing to go back full time.  It was made clear that if I wasn't I could be laid off when a new full time person was hired.  So, after much talk with hubby I let my boss know I would be willing to go full time.  This may never happen.  I'm praying it doesn't. At some point the money just isn't worth my time. 
  • And now, the count down is on for vacation.  And plans are being made for our April vacation.

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