Saturday, June 23, 2012

Phone calls

I either receive none or a whole bunch.  Before I completed yesterday's blog I was interrupted again - in a good way - and lost my train of thought.  Not that it takes much for that to happen.

Here are the other things going on in my life at the moment.
  • My new garden bed is dug, composted, turned over and planted.  I have some beautiful perennials planted in the center of the bed for a pop of color and herbs all in picking distance from the "walk way."  I have lavender, anise hisop, patchouli, lemon basil, basil, dill, lemon verbena, parsley, rosemary, thyme and lemon thyme in the bed.  I also moved all of my rhubarb up to that bed.
  • I've put bark mulch down in all the beds that were neglected last year.  I rotate which beds get a fresh coating of mulch.  I do this out of budget restrains more than anything.  I weed the bed, put a layer of newspaper down and then cover with bark mulch.  This tends to keep the weeds down and the moisture in.  I have no special weeding technique - good gloves (most days) and my hands.  Once I'm out there time slips away and I find it very meditative.
  • Oldest is at boot camp.  She has joined the National Guards to pay for her college.  She is in the military police.  We have heard from her more since she went to Fort Leonard Wood than we have since she moved.  The letters are coming fast and furious.  We have been trying to keep up.
  • Son goes to the fire academy next week.  He'll be there a week. 
  • We meet with the recruiter when he gets back for early sign up for the Marines.  He had to wait until he completed his junior year.  I just hope the Marines can live up to his expectations.
  • Since son's goal is to be gone right after graduation next year this summer will be the last family vacation with him.  We're headed to Northern Maine for lots of hiking.
  • And since he won't be with us next summer we've decided instead of day trips for April vacation we'll take a vacation.  It looks like a few days in Gettysburg, then Dayton, Ohio to the air museum (I'm told it will take at least two days to see the entire museum), and then off to Indianapolis before heading back home.  The kids like the plan.
  • Yesterday we headed to the New England Fire Chief's show.  Hubby and son headed up in the morning and youngest and I joined them.  This gave the guys time to look at trucks, lights and equipment without us getting bored.  Youngest snagged a t-shirt and stickers for the back of her helmet.  She wanted a remember 911 one and one with a female firefighter that says "Fear this boys." Yeah, she's my girl.  I found a sticker for son's bronco.  It's a bull dog fire fighter.  Sorta combines the marine mascot and fire fighting. Then we headed to this little hole in the wall pizza joint.  Hubby said the servings were big but....  Youngest and I each ordered a small pizza and the guys ordered calzones.  We couldn't all sit at the same table.  The small pizza was bigger than most larges.  I'm looking at 5 servings at least.  I took pictures - I just have to figure out how to get them from my phone to the computer.  OK, I loaded the pictures - that small pizza takes up the table at a booth for four people. 

  • Youngest flipped through the clearance catalog of a teen clothing catalog.  I told her to circle anything that sparked her interest.  Does she circle the sexy sayings or outrageous things?  Nope!  She circles the green t-shirt that says "mean green recyclin' machine."  Yeah!!!!!  OK, she really is my girl because she also circled the shearling lined "leather" motorcycle jacket.

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