Monday, June 11, 2012

Herbal Training

Week end number two of my advanced herbal training has come to an end.  This month we studied face diagnosis/organ systems with Margi Flint.  Laurie Freeman helped us with an A&P crash course on the nervous system Friday night and started Saturday and Sunday morning with a plant biology walk.  Around here we call those weed walks.  But, not there.  One person in our group said weed walk and everyone looked at her like we were talking a walk to smoke.  Any way, it is a great plant ID walk.  And Sunday was a vigorous hike on the medicine trail.  It's great looking at the some of the same plants each month as they change so much.  The most difficult part is sitting for so long.  But the info is wonderful.

I'm slowly learning more and more names.  There are 35 people in class. 

Friday night rained.  Really, really rained.  OK it hailed.  It made it really difficult to hear as we sat in class in the yurt in the woods.  Saturday and Sunday were wonderfully sunny.  Enough that we had class outside. I started Saturday in my cute little skort and matching shirt.  For the weed walk I threw on a sweatshirt and my muck boots.  I planned to change for class.  But, even though it was sunny there was a cool breeze.  My outfit received many comments on my funky sense of style. I think I might have to repeat the ensemble.

Sunday was sunny and warm.  Class was great.  And Margi was able to fit in lots of face diagnosis.  Classmates were able to look at volunteers to see what they could see on a person's face, nails and tongue and then Margi would confirm and add to the comments.  I was lucky enough to be one of the volunteers.  Yeah!

Next class is July 6, with David Winston.

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