Monday, June 4, 2012

Garden time

Friday night hubby and I took the kids for dinner and then stopped and picked up a truckload of bark mulch.  It was supposed to rain Saturday so we put a tarp on it. 

Sunday morning I woke to sunshine and put on the gardening gloves and boots and set to work.  I moved the rhubarb to the new bed and planted a hydrangea from MIL, the last of the plants from my week end at the farm and the herbs I had bought on Earth day.  I relocated a rose bush that needed a little more sun.  It seems no matter how far apart you plant things they are soon encroaching upon each other.  And I dug out the last of the "weeds" in my front bed.  I'm not sure what they were but those roots were big and deep.

Then I started on the bark mulch.  I pull weeds as I go, layer newspaper and then a generous amount of mulch.  Youngest came out to join me with no prompting.  She was a big help.  We managed to get half way through the mulch before I needed to shower and head off to my shamanic dream group.

Today hubby and I are off together.  If the rain is not to heavy we will be spreading the last of the pile. And then I can take a few pictures. 

As I go from flower bed to flower bed I reflect.  When I first built the house every plant I bought had yellow flowers.  But I see also that I went through a blue/purple phase.  Lately it's hot pinks and red.  Interspersed among my hosta collection and herbs. 

And it looks like the chipmunk enjoys green strawberries.  There were big berries on all of the plants not even a hint of being ripe yet and now...... nothing.  The gooseberries though are plentiful and will soon be ripe.  Now if I can get the blackberries to ripen before hubby gets weed whacker happy I'll be all set.

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Fiery Stepmom said...

I am just starting to garden. I'm afraid I am terribly bad at it. Are there any magic weed pulling tools that would help? It's only been two weeks and already the weeds are sprouting around my lettuce and squash.

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