Friday, July 27, 2012

Picnic Part 2

In all fairness I must say my Dad stopped by later in the day to drop off my homework.  I need to complete two health in-take forms a month and my parents were kind enough to help.  That was after I checked out their facial lines, tongues and pulses before the rest of the family arrived.  I know more than I thought.  I need to write up a conclusion - recommendations and get that in the mail today.  But, back to the point. Dad vented his side of the story in a much calmer drama free way (so him).  And usually with two sides of any story there is some overlap.  Not much here.  They both agree mom is mad at dad and not talking to him.  OK, there was a little more in common than that.  I listened.  I can see where they are both coming from and I chuckle. 

Yesterday I received week 3's basket from the CSA.  Squash, cukes, corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes (orange), snow peas, cabbage, purple onions, and scallions.   Sauteed up squash and onion for supper last night.  I also sauteed up some cabbage and caraway seeds and nestled the hot dogs in it.  I was planning to finish the Michigan sauce but son ate a bowl of it for lunch.  I'm determined to clean out the fridge before we leave tomorrow.  So, today I'm blanching and freezing the corn, making another batch of pickles and a batch of sauerkraut.  The rest of the squash and the tomatoes I'll take with us to munch on.  Yum!

This morning a little pampering with a manicure and pedicure.  Then packing.  I've already got the last batch of clothes in the wash.  And I need to go start a batch of blueberry coconut muffins for breakfast tomorrow.  Or more like an appetizer for breakfast.  I was planning on hitting Freeport in time for lunch but hubby wants to leave earlier to miss traffic.  We should be in Freeport for a late (for me) breakfast.  Then a little retail therapy (or more likely looking) at LL Bean.  I'm such the fashionista.  And then we're off North.  Points further North than I've ever been in Maine.  I'm really looking forward to the hiking and scenery of the mountains.

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